SSIX Consent Manager

The project consortium is aware of the data usage and data privacy issues associated with the projects operations. The consortium has established a Data and Business Ethics Board to supervise the activities of the consortium and address any issue. You can find more information in the SSIX privacy page

The project uses public messages from microblogging platforms like Twitter to create an aggregated sentiment metric. Messages are received from the official platform APIs using a search for specific keywords such as $AAPL for Apple Inc’s cashtag.
There are no methods that allow every user to give the project their consent for using their public data. To resolve this concern we provide a blind opt-out of data usage via the SSIX Consent Manager. You can find more information and the consent manager applications at



Raw Scores – time series data streams from opinion mining and Statistical Scores – for deeper analysis of sentiment behaviour

SSIX Index

SSIX will use multiple custom X-Scores data streams to generate a SSIX Index for any target

Multilingual NLP

SSIX will provide multilingual opinion mining with the aim to cover the most widely used European languages


Real Time Analysis

SSIX aims to provide near real-time sentiment analysis in addition to extensive analysis on time frame series with additional data sources


Customisable API for the SSIX Index and X-Scores will allow SMEs to easily integrate SSIX technologies into their own platforms


SSIX will provide an interactive visual and analyses dashboard allowing users to easily understand sentiment dynamics

Latest News

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SSIX Project Background

Social Sentiment analysis financial IndeXes – Provides Social Sentiment Index – Powered by X-Scores – Creating actionable analytics from unstructured social and structured news content. SSIX is a Pan-European partnership with six countries participating. A collaboration between SME’s and Academic Institutions – two Research Partners are involved in Big Data analytics and semantic technologies research. Three Deployment and Pilot Partners. Expertise in Natural language processing research and Financial Analytics.


The Social Sentiment analysis financial IndeXes project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme ICT 2014 – Information and Communications Technologies under grant agreement No. 645425

 Project Partners

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