Anonymizing data without losing information

Among the information collected from several data sources it could be easy to incur in data that may be identified as sensitive information.

Even though the users accept – often unconsciously – privacy policies and agreements that basically make the majority of their data available also to third parties, we at SSIX believe that is important to guarantee the highest level of privacy, even if not legally required, through processes of anonymization.

Personal names, usernames, profile images… all this information could be used to identify the original person who posted the content. All these fields are therefore automatically discarded by our data ingestion procedures and never stored in our systems nor analyzed, including all those nested fields related to the person that posted the original content, subsequently shared by others.
The valuable information used by the SSIX infrastructure is located in other fields, primarily the content itself, used to perform our analysis and extract the final indices. Furthermore, this final output does not include any of the original data used to generate it.

It is also important to consider that any piece of information is securely managed by our partner 3rdPLACE, which runs the data ingestion infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform, renowned for its extremely high security standards (, further preventing any sort of information leakage.