German Election Tracking

How does the network talk about CDU, SPD, Green and Co.? What is the mood of Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz? Which topic polarizes most? Our mood barometer provides answers.

This mood barometer evaluates contributions from Facebook, Twitter as well as online comments. How is politics, parties and topics discussed in the social networks? Moods that resonate in tweets and comments can be comprehended with this tool.

And so the whole thing works - Select up to five parties, people or topics, or enter a search term. Under "Mood" the barometer shows whether the selected points were discussed positively, neutrally or negatively in the net. On the timeline, you can specify the period of time you are interested in - from several weeks to a few hours. In "Frequency", you will find out how many posts deal with the selected parties, persons or topics as a whole.

Dashboard is also live on Handelsblatt's site