GATE is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) framework developed in the JAVA language. It offers a graphical user interface called GATE Developer that can be used to create pipelines using different Language and Processing Resources. This is a popular choice for building NLP applications. GATE is also available as a library called GATE Embedded that can be used in different software applications.
GATE has the default application called TwitIE designed for Information Extraction on tweets. And this application is customised to the SSIX architecture and consists of the following resources:

The original TwitIE application is customised by adding the few gazetteers list like symbols gazetteer, affect and stock emotions gazetteer. In addition, a JAPE grammar that works on the new gazetteers has been added. The grammar creates a Mention annotation when a dollar sign is followed by a company symbol. The following figure shows how stock.jape component annotates cash tag as Mention.

Phase: Stock
Input: Lookup SpaceToken Token
Options: control = all
Rule: Stock1
Priority: 50
:stockticker.Mention={kind=:bind.Lookup.majorType,type = Cashtag, rule=Stock1,
company= :bind.Lookup.Company,
exchange= :bind.Lookup.Exchange,
sector= :bind.Lookup.Sector,
industry= :bind.Lookup.Industry

If the cashtag is not included in the symbols gazetteer, it is still annotated as a Mention but the kind is set as ‘Unknown’.