WorkpackageDeliverable #DeliverableDue Date
WP11.9Final Report28/02/2018
WP22.1Business Requirements and Business Cases' Definitions31/08/2015
WP22.2Business Methodology Definition29/02/2016
WP33.1Data Requirement Analysis and Data Management Plan V130/06/2015
WP33.2Data Management Plan V231/08/2016
WP33.3Data Management Plan V328/02/2017
WP33.7Data Streams documentation30/09/2016
WP44.1NLP Service and Analysis Architecture (Initial Version)30/09/2015
WP44.2NLP Service and Analysis Architecture (Revised Version)28/02/2017
WP44.31st Catalogue of SSIX Language Resources29/02/2016
WP44.42nd Catalogue of SSIX Language Resources28/02/2017
WP55.1SSIX Process Specification29/02/2016
WP55.2SSIX Architecture Specification29/02/2016
WP55.3SSIX Technical Validation Plan31/10/2015
WP55.41st version SSIX Release Platform28/02/2017
WP55.5SSIX Final Release Platform31/12/2017
WP55.6SSIX API Definitions28/02/2017
WP66.1SSIX Technology and Skills Transfer Report31/12/2017
WP66.2Project Web site, Wiki, LinkedIn and Training Materials V1.030/04/2015
WP66.3Project Web site, Wiki, LinkedIn and Training Materials V2.029/02/2016
WP66.4Project Web site, Wiki, LinkedIn and Training Materials V3.028/02/2017
WP66.5Final Version of Project Web site, Wiki, LinkedIn and Training Materials28/02/2018
WP66.6SSIX Professional skills and technologies training courses31/08/2017
WP66.7Technology Transfer and Dissemination Plan 1st Version29/02/2016
WP66.8Technology Transfer and Dissemination Plan 2nd Version28/02/2017
WP66.9Technology Transfer and Dissemination Plan Final Version28/02/2018