SSIX Consent Manager

An updated version of the SSIX Consent Manager has been released to include removal of Facebook content. Along with the existing Twitter application and web form you can request a blind opt-out from your public data being applied in SSIXs aggregated metrics.

The general public is often unaware that by enabling their microblog accounts as public, they are authorising the widespread usage of their content to third parties, as the terms of all social networks outline. There is no way for a participant to know if their public microblog data has been collected by the SSIX project. The blind opt-out model is an appropriate solution where a participant can submit that they do not wish any of their publicly available data to be used by SSIX. Once a request had been received all new content is automatically discarded.
You can find more information about ethics, privacy and data usage in the SSIX at the privacy page


For more information you can contact the SSIX Data and Business Ethics Board:


This blog post was written by SSIX partner Insight@NUIG.
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