SSIX launched on Storify

SSIX is proud to announce the launch of its live story on Storify!


What can I found on SSIX Storify?

SSIX story on the Storify platform (available at will allow interested users and stakeholder to easily follow all of SSIX news and updates, gathered from the project’s social media and websites, in one easy-to-follow page.

The story will be updated in real time and is connected to the project’s website, blog and social media.


How can I use the SSIX Storify?

Use the story to keep up to date with SSIX project and the partners’ activities.

You can also embed SSIX story in your own website (please notify us!).


What is Storify? is an innovative storytelling tool allowing users to create simple, social, compelling stories by collecting data published on a variety of sources (social media, news websites, video and photo platforms, etc.). You can discover more at


An example of the content you will find on SSIX Storify

An example of the content you will find on SSIX Storify

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