SSIX Training Sessions

SSIX is focusing on easy to interpret tools to analyse and understand social media users attitudes for any given topic in real time. The generated social sentiment analysis data can be exploited, for example by SME’s, to operate more efficiently resulting in an increase of revenue.

Social sentiment analysis data provides us with insights of customers, clients and citizens reactions and needs  – touching every area of life. This data is compiled by searching and indexing conversations taking place on social media services, such as Twitter, StockTwits and Facebook.

During the course of the SSIX project a number of software tools and linguistic resources were created and made available on the SSIX website. They address technological and scientific needs in the domains of Software Architecture, Corpus Linguistics, NLP and Machine Learning.

We have crafted a series of videos followed by live Q&A sessions to inform specialists on the use of these resources. The Q&A sessions have been recorded and are available below.


February 26, 2018

13:00 CET

SSIX Financial Gold Standard and Annotation tool

This training session will focus on the SSIX Financial Gold Standard corpus and its annotation. We will present the sampling and annotation process of the Financial Gold Standard with a dedicated tool.

The following video screencast is an introduction to the upcoming live Q&A session.

 SSIX Financial Gold Standard
February 28, 2018

13:00 CET

RedLink’s Pipeline API

This live Q&A will cover the NLP pipeline infrastructure of SSIX, for instance the different steps involved in the pipeline and how to use them. We present an overview of the workflow which the data items got through.

The following video screencast is an introduction to the upcoming life Q&A session.

RedLink's Pipeline API
 March 5, 2018

13:00 CET

SSIX Financial Classifier and Aspect extraction

SSIX Financial Classifier:  An Introduction

This live Q&A session will cover the financial classifier of SSIX, for example the Machine Learning technology for sentiment analysis. We present the NLP workflow including feature engineering and Neural Network-based classification.

The following video screencast is an introduction to the upcoming live Q&A session.

SSIX Aspect extraction

This live Q&A will focus on the notion of aspects of financial entities, e.g. prices of stocks. We will cover how such aspect are automatically detected in financial microblog messages.

The following video screencast is an introduction to the upcoming live Q&A session.

 SSIX Financial Classifier and Aspect Extraction
March 16, 2018

13:00 CET

Data ethics in the SSIX project

This Q&A session will focus on the challenges with respect to Data Ethics within the SSIX project. We describe the ethical challenges encountered in processing Big Social Data and how SSIX solves them and the project’s compliance with the new EC General Directive for Data Protection.  The session will consist in a recorded video screencast viewable prior to the live Q&A session. The session will be of value to managers of Big Data Research Projects.

The following video screencast is an introduction to the upcoming live Q&A session.

Data ethics in the SSIX project
March, 2018 (tbc)

13:00 CET

Geofluent Translator

GeoFluent™ is a SaaS-based real-time translation and interpretation solution that enables contact centers, service desks, governments, and global organizations to eliminate language barriers between their customers, prospects, partners, distributors, and employees.

GeoFluent™ is used in SSIX for machine translation of the source tweets. It covers over 25 language pairs. It includes pre- and post-editing rules that make the translation better fit to the financial domain. The live Q&A session will address issues related to the integration of Geofluent in SSIX.

The following explainer video is an introduction to the upcoming live Q&A session.




The Q&A live sessions will take place on Facebook live: