SSIX will be attending the EuDeco workshop in Madrid

SSIX will be attending the EuDeco workshop in Madrid June 17th 2015. EuDEco will use a systemic view to describe the model of the European data economy. This requires to understand the relations among the actors in the data economy as well as between the actors and the framework.

Framework conditions create a milieu that impacts the possibilities of the actors which can be individuals and organizations. Actors can unite different roles at the same time or after each other. Actors change their behaviour based on a continuous feedback mechanism. The actors of the data economy follow the principle of action and reaction. Systems that show these and other typical characteristics are referred to as Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS). The understanding of the relations provides the foundation for the analysis and development of use cases, business models and value networks as well as for the derivation of recommendations for promoting data reuse and laying the ground for a self-sustaining data economy in Europe.