Twitter Chat | German Election: Lessons from social media sentiment analysis

Friday 29 September | 12:30 – 13:30

Join the debate on Twitter using the hashtag #SSIX

Germany has its federal election on Sunday 24 September. Overall 34 parties, led by candidates like Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz, compete for seats in the Bundestag.

Public emotions tend to run high when it comes to elections. This German election campaigns started off slowly, as polarising topics such as refugee policy or LGBT rights were addressed with caution. More topics were added and marked the debates.

The SSIX project developed a tool that maps the public sentiment on social media about the main candidates, parties and topics discussed during the German elections. That allows us to analyse, for example, which topics gained importance within the campaigns, how the sentiment towards a politician or party changes over time and after campaign appearances.

SSIX German Election Tracking Dashboard

SSIX partner EURACTIV invites you to this one hour long online Twitter Chat to explore the following questions:

  • Do you think opinions expressed on social media are a good proxy for overall public sentiment?
  • Did candidates (most) often mentioned on social media also succeed better/best at the elections?
  • Were the most polarising topics on social media also the ones most discussed offline?
  • Did public sentiment change after the #GermanElections, towards the winners and losers?
  • What role can sentiment analysis play in political campaigns?
  • Can sentiment analysis be used to bridge the gap between citizens and politicians?