Twitter Cuts Off DataSift To Step Up Its Own Big Data Business


When dealing with “Big Data” coming from big 3rd-party players, particular attention has to be paid to the constant changes and evolutions of their services. Providers like Twitter or Facebook can suddenly decide to change their conditions or close certain APIs, according to commercial agreements with their partners.

As reported by TechCrunch, Twitter announced that it will be terminating agreements with third parties for reselling firehose data – the unfiltered, full stream of Tweets and all related metadata that goes along with them.

Instead, it will use its own in-house big data analytics team, which it developed around its acquisition of Gnip in 2014, to seek to build direct relationships with the data companies, brands and others that use Twitter data to measure consumer sentiment, market trends and other moving targets that can be better understood by tracking online conversations – a transition it says it hopes to have completed by mid-August.

Datasift immediately communicated its own reaction with this blog post.