Policymakers are showing growing interest for real-time analysis of public opinion and Big Data. From finance to political campaigners, social media have become a primary source of information, especially when it comes to understanding public opinion trends.

However, the potential of social media still needs to be fully exploited. With the explosion of structured and unstructured Big Data, the ability to harness information has become paramount for those who want to successfully use information originating from social media.

On the regulatory side, the European Commission wants to promote the data-driven economy as part of its Digital Single Market strategy. The strategy includes better online access and digitalisation as a driver for growth.

Questions included:
– How can social media and Big Data be used to understand public opinion trends?
– What is the potential for political campaigners? Can we win an election thanks to social media?
– Is there a risk that these data will be misused? What risks for data protection?
– How can the financial sector use social media to make better investment decisions?
– Are policymakers facing the challenge of the growing data-driven economy?

SSIX Workshop – What future for Big Data mining?



Big data has the potential to advance collective decision-making processes. For example, Data mining has become increasingly popular to obtain a better understanding of what is relevant to the public. Furthermore sentiment analysis evaluates public opinion and can be applied to monitor and assess the effectiveness of policies.

However it can also be challenging to use innovative data-driven approaches for policy making. Having more data doesn’t necessarily lead to more actionable insights and the complex skill sets required for big data analytics pose a particularly acute challenge.

EurActiv organised a workshop to explore the following topics:
– What are the promises and limitations of big data for policy making?
– How can data mining be used to develop a better informed policy?
– What challenges have to be considered with an innovative data-driven policy approach?
– Do policymakers provide adequate legislation for the rising need of data processing?

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SSIX Workshop – Big Data and Policy Making